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at TBC

The Revue’s purpose, since its foundation has in the 1950s, has been to take a Revue up to the Edinburgh Fringe – and that tradition has continued uninterrupted for over half a century. Every summer, ...

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at TBC

From time to time the Oxford Revue runs events for students. These include drinks nights for freshers, launch events, and comedy workshops for people interested in writing and performing material. The...

November 30, 2015



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The Oxford Revue is one of the few groups in Oxford in which you can write and perform your own material - not only to university audiences, but also on tour at venues all across the country, ranging from comedy clubs in London to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and beyond. Being a writer/performer with the Revue gives you...



The Revue is constantly in need of stage managers and technicians - whether for productions in Oxford, or on tour. Whilst the only permanent (yearly) position associated with the Revue is the Audrey Tech position, we recruit a new technical and stage team for each production and touring show. Working with the Revue as a stage/technical...



Producing for the Revue is unlike working with any other group in Oxford. There are unique challenges to producing comedy, but a talented producer holds the entire show together. The Revue offers opportunities to producers unlike any found in Oxford - producing a touring show requires liaising with professional theatres and marketing...


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